Supervision & Safety: Go Hand in Hand Aug/Sept 2014

These next few months we will focus on Adult Supervision and Safety.

They say one of the keys to the safety of a child is adequate and/or adult supervision. Too many times small children visit community parks unaccompanied by an adult or left in the company of an older child. Other times, when adults have been present, their attention is focused on their electronic devices or other adults. While still, younger children that are left to play unattended tend to follow along to a playground designed for older children and vice versa; the older children wind up playing unsafely on toddler equipment and/or play areas.

There are many factors that can lead up to an injury on a playground. Most of the injuries are the result of falls. In fact the percentages of injuries from a fall are greater than any other. Another reason is due to broken equipment and/or poor or insufficient maintenance. If a particular piece of equipment is broken, often times the break is not apparent to either children or adults.

Inadequate play surfacing can result in an injury. Protruding bolts, broken glass in sand, protective rubberized coating peeling away and exposing metal, a hand or guard rail may be loose and or missing hardware, a swing chain link, clevis or shackle may wear, fasteners may have come loose or removed. All the above mentioned are safety hazards to name a few.

Though each structure should be appropriately labeled for age appropriate use and play, often times they are peeled off or wash away over time.

Supervision is critical, especially for the younger aged group of children who routinely share one common play area within a community or park. Eyes on where they are, what they are playing on and if it is on equipment that is age appropriate for each individual child is equally as important. We must all make an effort to ensure that parks, schools, and anywhere there is a playground present are safe to use; that all equipment and surfacing are functioning at their optimum levels and that when at all possible, there is adequate supervision when and where applicable.

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