Certified Tot Lot Services

In these competitive times when many vendors resort to being creative about selling their services we see many of them giving away other services they may be involved in to get the contract on whatever it is that they may be selling. Although there is nothing wrong with the idea, it is important to remember that you still need to get the attention on the services that are being performed. 

That brings me to “Certified Tot Lot Services.”

Many companies are adding the tot lot service to their service as a perceived added benefit. It is important to make sure that they are “certified” to do so. Also it is important to know that they have the practical experience to perform these serious duties. The tot lot service should never be short cut or secondary to any other service. Please ask yourself,” am I getting undivided attention for my tot lot service?”

After all this is the place that our children play and develop so we want to make sure we do everything possible to eliminate injuries due to over sight.

At Tot Lot Services Inc. this is all we do! We do this with professionalism and heart because we believe all of our children deserve a safe place to play.

The importance of making play equipment repairs the correct way.

Equipment parts that need to be replaced or repaired has to be done so with either the manufacturer parts or the manufacturer approved parts only, including the hardware. The failure to do so or to use unauthorized parts will result in a loss of any other warranties and transfer the liability to the owner of the equipment. All parts are specifically designed with very specific use zone measurements to be in compliance with safety standards as determined by the American Standard for Testing Materials as authorized by the National Recreation Parks Association. These measurements should remain the same to avoid creating additional hazards such as strangulation, entanglement and fall hazards.

Did you know that the U.S. Consumer Product safety Commission does not recommend the use of draw strings on children’s outerwear because of the potential strangulation hazard?

Thank You

Paul Decker

Tot Lot Services Inc.

Certified Playground Safety Inspector

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