Considering installing a playground on your own?

When HOA playgrounds or tot lots are installed, in order to be in compliance a playground design architect has to measure the area first to determine what equipment can be installed and still be in compliance. Every piece of play equipment has a specific use zone that all has to work in concert with the rest of the equipment. Even after it is installed it has to be determined according to the height how deep the sand, wood fiber or shredded rubber should be. Then the same has to be done for ADAAG mandated poured in place tot turf. In addition to the depth of this they have to determine how much square footage of each will be. Then they have to determine how much earth has to be removed to assure the equipment will be at the proper height for the protective surface. 

Virtually every part, pipe, clamp, deck, nut, bolt, slope of the decks etc. has to be exact down to the size of the bolts and what kind they can be. 

If an inexperienced or unlicensed installer installs this it is likely you will have a difficult time finding a company to do an audit so it can be open for use.

 I also believe it would have a very difficult time passing the audit. I would not recommend having it installed this way. We do not do new complete installs for this reason and will only use IPEMA certified play equipment and manufacturer approved installers. 

Please remember the goal is to have fun in a safe environment. Just something to consider, I hope this helps. 

Thank You



Tot Lot Services Inc.