December’s Blog 2012

Tot lots add value to the neighborhood and help to develop the social and physical skills of our children.

 Improper use and poor maintenance are almost equal reasons for the injuries.

 We know that if the equipment is properly maintained we can eliminate almost 50% of the injuries. With regular scheduled service from a certified company, the chances for injury, law suits and expensive repair bills are reduced dramatically. When we perform our Certified Playground service we power spray all of the playground and ramada equipment with 2,000 p.s.i. of boiling hot sanitizing solution. We also tighten any loose specialty nuts and bolts, replace general nuts and bolts, remove as much graffiti as possible, rake and level the sand or engineered wood fiber, sweep or blow off the sidewalks, ramada floors and tot turf. We will take digital photos of the repairs needed and quickly send them to you in an e-mail followed by a price for repair. If there is immediate danger we will barricade or tape off the tot lots affected.

 All playgrounds require adult supervision.

 It is not yet a law in Az. to be a certified playground safety inspector when servicing tot lots but you will put yourself in a vulnerable position if you did not use someone who is. It would be advantages to check with the HOA insurance because there may be a discount with a certified services.

 Please remember the goal is to have fun in a safe environment.

 Thank You

 Paul Decker

Tot Lot Services Inc.