May Blog 2013: Don’t Scrap It…Restore It!

We see so many tot lots and ramada equipment that are in compliance and will last a long time but that are beginning to look old and faded on the steel parts.

We do offer a D.T.M. professional paint process with Amerashield VOC paint for play equipment including picnic tables, park benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, ramadas etc. This includes vinyl coated steel equipment.

This product is used in the factory on OEM heavy equipment, structural steel bridges, tanks, piping and more.

Amerashield Voc is a high gloss, high build, abrasion and chemical resistant topcoat that can be applied over steel and concrete substances.  This product is an aliphatic polyurethane with a unique acrylic and polyester blend that provides superior performance in abusive environments such as play and ramada equipment. It is an extremely durable paint. This is not a latex or enamel simple repaint.

We have repainted play equipment, trash receptacles, benches and tables for over 7 years now and they all have held up with excellent results.

There are some limits though. This product cannot be applied to the horizontal rubber coated decks because they become too slippery. However we power spray with 2,500 p.s.i. to brighten up the decks with great results.

Also the plastic components cannot be painted.

Wait ‘til you see what we can do for your tot lot!