February 2013: Repairs,Warranties and Safety Standards

It is important to remember that any equipment part that needs to be replaced or repaired has to be done so with either the manufacturer parts or the manufacturer approved parts only, including the hardware. The failure to do so or to use unauthorized parts will result in a loss of any other warranties and transfer the liability to the owner of the equipment. All parts are specifically designed with very specific use zone measurements to be in compliance with safety standards as determined by  the American Standard for Testing Materials as authorized by the National Recreation Parks Association. These measurements should remain the same to avoid creating additional hazards such as strangulation, entanglement and fall hazards.

ASTM 1492 10.1 . Public playgrounds shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) for Buildings and Facilities: Play Areas. This means that if there is poured in place protective surface, it must remain on the tot lot.

ASTM- F-1292 CRITICAL HEIGHT requires that depending on the product used there shall be a specific depth of protective surfacing product  based on the height of play equipment.

 Paul Decker

Tot Lot Services.