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Maintaining  and preserving Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

You should maintain your playground EWF area in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and check the following regularly:

  1. Visually inspect the entire playground area and remove all debris, trash, foreign matter, etc.
  2. Rake the EWF to keep the surface level and the thickness to the original depth. A level surface is important and necessary for wheelchair access and compliance with ADA requirements.
  3. At accessible entrances onto the playground surface, ensure that the surface material, accessible route or the top of the access ramp is within ¼ inch of the top of the play area border.
  4. In the highest use areas and around equipment footers, dig down to the subsurface or drain system and measure the depth of the EWR. Ensure that the depth is sufficient for the fall height of the structure or at the manufacturer’s recommended depth.
  5. If your playground includes “wear mats”, visually inspect for general wear, cracks and tears. Be sure to add EWF around the mats to ensure a smooth transition. Turns mats over periodically and add EWF beneath them to bring mats up to original grade/level.
  6. Always make sure there is no standing water on the playground surface. It is critical to have a functioning drainage system to improve surface resilience.

On a final note, always ensure that your products are IPEMA Certified for impact attenuation within the use zone of the playground equipment.

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