November Blog: Tot Lot Safety

Who are you trusting to take care of your HOA tot lots……. Don’t get caught letting down your homeowners and their children.

 Although landscapers, pest control techs and handy men are very good at their jobs, inspections, maintenance and repairs should be carried out and performed by certified playground safety inspectors only.

 The Certified Playground Safety Inspector or CPSI program is designed to ensure all certified individuals are qualified to inspect playgrounds for safety issues and make certain that the playgrounds meet the current national standards for safety, developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Less than 7% of playground inspectors in the world are certified.

 To become a certified CPSI, individuals must pass a nationally-administered examination, which tests individuals’ knowledge in the following areas,

 1st, Playground Safety Milieu. The evolution of playground safety and involved U.S. organizations and government agencies.

 2nd,  The role of Child Development.

*3rd,  Foundations of Playground Safety Surfacing, Playground Infrastructure,  Equipment, Playground Layout and Design, and Playground Safety Practices and Management.

 The CPSI program is offered by the National Certification Board in coordination with NRPA and the National Playground Safety Institute. CPSI certifications are valid for a period of three years

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