Electrostatic Painting in Phoenix

Electrostatic painting creates a uniform, durable finish on metal without drips and bubbles that occur with traditional liquid paints. It’s used on many plastics and all types of metal surfaces. The electrostatic painting process also assures uniform coverage and less change of rust in the future.

Electrostatic painting is also called “powder coating.” It uses the principal of “opposites attract” by using electrically charged powders. The dry power, made up of resins and pigments are fed from a container to a spray gun where low amp, high voltage charge is imparted on the powder.

The material being painted is electrically grounded. When sprayed, the charged power firmly attached to the grounded part’s surface. Essentially, the paint magnetically attaches to the surface. These electrically charged powders create a shiny, factory-smooth finish.

Common surfaces using electrostatic painting:

Doors and windows
Ofice furniture
Elevator doors
Patio furniture
Bathroom stall – partitions
School or gym lockers
File cabinets
Metal work stations
Equipment in gyms
Supermarket racks and cases
Lockers in spas, hospitals, labs, etc.