Playground Inspection

We service playground and ramada equipment, but we also service ADA and ADAAG poured in place tot turf.

 It is important to remember that the ADA, and ADAAG mandated poured in place tot turf is expensive and necessary for wheel chair and other handicap access. In other words it cannot be removed unless you are willing to assume the liability of the tot lot.

 Unfortunately at this time we are seeing that the life cycle of what has been installed years ago is beginning to disintegrate or “Granulate”. The pads are also showing signs of shrinkage at the sidewalk borders causing  trip hazards. The reason the holes and the shrinking is developing is because in large part it is in need of a “Polycoat Application”. This is a flexible poly based product that is applied over the surface to give it a clean and bright look.  This poly coat  application helps the stop the tot turf from breaking down, shrinking, disintegrating or granulating and helps to preserve it. This should be done every 1-2 years depending on conditions.  After any needed repairs are made and the poly coat is applied the tot turf pads can last a long time with regular maintenance.

 After this is done it should be inspected on annual schedule at minimum to help prevent the spreading of any further damage. If you have  our scheduled service we will inspect it along with the ramada and playground equipment at no additional charge.

 If repairs and a polycoat application is not performed the tot turf will continue to break down, disintegrate or granulate, shrink and develop holes at a faster rate. At that time the entire “ Top Coat” will have to be removed, hauled away, disposed of and the a new top coat or layer will have to be installed at a much much higher cost. Please don’t let that happen to your tot lots.