Playground Safety

Every year there are about 156,000 injuries on our playgrounds that end up in the emergency rooms. We believe that all of our children deserve a safe place to play so our goal is reduce or eliminate these injuries and deaths. It is also to make every tot lot safe, clean, and up to compliance as outlined by the National Playground Safety Institute and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

All playgrounds require adult supervision. Tot lots are not baby sitters.

In general playground users are divided into three age groups, toddler under 2 years, 2-5 year olds and 5-12 years olds.

Out of the 156,000 injuries every year 79% of those are falls. 83% of those injuries are ages 2-9 years old.

# 1 cause of death is entanglement because it causes strangulation.

#2 injury is falling.

#3 injury is head and neck entrapment.

#4 injury is impact.

Improper use and poor maintenance are almost equal reasons for the injuries. We know that if the equipment is properly maintained we can eliminate almost 50% of the injuries.

Thank You

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Tot Lot Services Inc.
Certified Playground Safety Inspector
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