Spring; let’s talk about Rockers! May 2014

Because rockers are constantly in motion, spring rockers wear out and need repairs more frequently than stationary pieces or equipment. Most rockers are supported by large coiled springs that move to and fro; hence the same, “spring rockers”.

Spring Rockers should be checked regularly for loose or missing hardware, cracks or breaks around hand holds, seats or foot pedals. The footers should also be checked for anchoring.

The most effective way to take a spring rocker out of service when a part is missing and or broken and poses a safety issue is quite simply to unbolt the unit from the footer and remove it from the playground until the part can be replaced. However, as most rockers have footer plates with protruding bolts, which can pose additional safety hazards, it may be necessary to secure the plate/footer with a support post cover. Barricading or using caution tape to seal off the area is also recommended. Never remove the rocker and leave any bolts or metal exposed and protruding from the play surface. Rock Springers, when regularly maintained can endure the harshest of whether, play and use.

When in doubt, contact your Tot Lot Maintenance Company for proper assessment, removal and/or repairs.