“There IS a cure for the Summertime Blues….”

Don’t let your playground go without maintenance during the summer time months. Here in Arizona, as we know, the tough summer months can break down the toughest of materials and give any community and the children the “Summertime Blues” . If your HOA doesn’t have a budget for monthly service, they should consider breaking up the service by way of usage. We know that when school is out, the playgrounds get used more frequently; either in the early mornings or late evenings in Arizona in order to avoid the heat. Also, if there is a break down in the rubberized material and any chipping or peeling on the vinyl coating and any part of metal is exposed, this can be harmful to tiny hands that reach out to steady themselves or to grab on for support. The exposed metal can cause burns ranging from minor to major depending on the exposure to direct sun light. An HOA can help determine the frequency of use and select the best “maintenance plan” along with service that will fit their budgetary needs without compromising the safety of the children at play. Keep in mind that when playgrounds go months without service, the potential for major injuries increase as broken or loosened parts go undetected.  Some maintenance is better than none. If your playground needs change, your service provided should be able to accommodate your community’s needs. A Tot Lot Maintenance compnany should be able to recommend the best course of action and be able to provide your community with a complete maintenance plan in order for your playground to be compliant and provide a safe place for children to play.