Tot Lot Sand

Have you thought about what lies within the sand at your tot lot?

 The sand in your tot lot is a necessary and mandated protective surface. Our children play in the sand as well as fall on to it. It is important to remember the sand may get racked but it should be power sifted depending on conditions, every 12-24 months.

 Unfortunately there are many impurities in the sand such as landscape materials, trash, debris, pet waste and possibly unseen broken glass to name just a few. Therefore you can see the importance of sifting. Raking may do a decent job for a while but what does not get picked up accumulates and then gets buried into the sand.

 The power sifter will not get out 100% of the impurities but it does get out almost all of it and is the most effective way to remove it. On most sand lots we normally get many buckets of debris per sand lot.

 Also if the sand has become hard because of excessive over watering, flooding or landscape eroding into it, the power sifter may not be able to loosen it up again so make sure to keep the water away from the sand.

 If the steps are taken to keep the sprinklers off of the sand along with any kind of eroding into the sand and it is power sifted the sand will be clean and last many years. Most importantly our children will have a safe and clean place to play.

 Thank You