Water And Sand Don’t Mix! October 2014 Blog

Due to the heavy flooding and rain in the valley as of late, the concern has been the sand lots!

As some drainage systems failed or the sudden down-pour of rain proved to be too much for some, the number of playgrounds underwater multiplied drastically.

If your playground has experienced flooding, stagnant or slow moving water, and in some cases, the entire reallocation of sand, it may be time for a refill, rototill, power sand sifting and in some extreme cases, excavation of existing sand and replacement of clean, playground grade sand.

Unfortunately along with the issues outlined above, the problems can persist and/or increase if no action is taken in a timely manner. The sand can grow mold, compact at a faster rate and become a major safety hazard. It can encourage the mosquitos, flies and other critters normally not found on a playground.

Please call or email to schedule or inquire about a complete inspection and remember, “Every Child Deserves a Safe Place to Play!”

Playground Under WaterPlayground Under Water 8.14Water Damaged Sand