You Can Be Cost Effective And Safe Too!

I have never inspected a tot lot and found hazardous issues and heard the tot lot owner say “I knew about the hazardous issues.” It is always a surprise to them when I point out the issues. If they knew about it, it only stands to reason that they would have it repaired or barricade the equipment to eliminate any child from injury or a potential law suit.

When you have our scheduled maintenance service we are able to keep the repair costs down. In large part because we are repairing things as they happen or we are preventing damage by doing the simple things like tightening and replacing nuts and bolts before something can break. Even though you may spend money on monthly service the total equipment repair bill for the year typically goes down dramatically which computes to big savings throughout the year. More importantly  it can eliminate law suits and helps to keep the tot lots clean and safe for our children to play.

Thank You